Why Rent from June Palms?

We offer exceptional values on a multitude of homes for rent, as well as Condos, Duplexes, and Apartments in the Lafayette, West Lafayette, Indianapolis, and select areas of Central Indiana. We have an array of Student Housing options near Purdue University’s campus for you to choose from as well. And of course, we work with many budgets too.

Our Single Family Houses for rent range from the simple ‘no frills’ 2 bedroom, 1 bath to the high-end 5 bedroom, 3 bath with a 2 car garage and fully fenced yard. You tells us your needs, time-frame and budget, and we’ll do the rest!

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Rental Policies

Application / Non-Refundable Hold Money
Once applicants or their representatives have viewed the property they are interested in, they will be instructed to submit an application. We will not accept an application for a property unless the applicant or their designated representative has physically visited the property. Application fees are $40 per adult.

It is important to keep in mind that the application itself will not place a hold on the property. The ONLY way to secure the home and to have it taken off the market is to place a non-refundable monetary hold on the property, plus the application fees. The only fair way to do this is on a “first-in” basis. That is, the first person to contact the office and submit their application money and non-refundable hold will be put in first position on that property. That means someone who submitted an application without placing hold money will be bumped out of line in preference for the person who came in afterward and put non-refundable hold money down.  

It is HIGHLY encouraged, if a property suits your needs, to put the hold money and application fees down immediately by contacting the office. Properties we list often go very fast; even waiting only several minutes to think it over can mean the difference of getting a property and not. The hold amount will vary based on the rent amount, as higher amounts of hold money will be required to secure homes that have higher rent amounts. The amounts are as follows:

For Rent amounts of:

  • $450 and less – $200 minimum hold amount
  • $451 to $650 – $300 minimum hold amount
  • $651 to $900 – $400 minimum hold amount
  • $901 and up – $500 minimum hold amount

Please note that these hold amounts do not include the application fees of $40 per adult applicant and will need to be sent in addition to the hold amount.

This amount will be non-refundable if the applicant walks away from the transaction after they have been approved. Once the applicant is approved, that money will hold the property for up to two weeks and will be applied to their account as a credit. Should the applicant not be approved, the hold money, minus the application fee, will be returned immediately. If the applicant fails to take possession after two weeks, additional hold money may be required and the existing hold money may be depleted on a per diem basis as liquidated damages.

Please note, the only way to secure a property is to place non-refundable hold money plus the application fees. The application itself does not need to accompany the hold money, but it must be submitted within one business day afterwards or the property may be opened back up on the market and the hold money and application fees will be returned.

Security Deposits
Security deposits are typically one month’s rent. We may work out the payment of the deposit over the course of 30 days based on credit, work history, rental history, and several other factors.  As a rule, we do not allow work or cleaning to be performed in lieu of payment of the security deposit.

Move-in Amounts
The amount we require to move in is the first month’s rent in full, plus the amount of the security deposit due based on the Applicant’s qualifications. Should the Resident move in part of the way into the month, the prorated rent will be due on the first day of the month after he or she  moved in. The remainder of the security deposit, if any, is due within 30 days of the move-in date.
June Palms Property Management has many “pet friendly” homes to choose from. Pets are generally limited to a maximum of two, and dogs and cats are both welcome in most cases.  Caged birds and aquarium tank animals may also be allowed, on a case-by-case basis.  

A pet deposit of $250 for 1 pet plus $50 for each additional pet (up to $400) in addition to the security deposit will be non-refundable for any pet that is allowed, and there is a $30 monthly pet fee (per pet, per cage, or per aquarium tank) regardless of what type of pet is housed, if approved. There may also be additional one-time or recurring pet fees, depending on the property.

Residents with dogs and those who own aquarium tanks larger than 20 gallons will be required to have renters insurance with at least $500,000 of liability insurance and must list June Palms Property Management, LLC as “Additional Insured”. Basic policies start around $15 per month and are a great idea to ensure you are protected in case of not only an incident with your dog, or potential water damage from an aquarium, but for other perils such as fire, flood, and theft.  Our preferred insurance provider is Reliable Insurance Solutions. Please visit the Reliable Insurance Solutions website to learn more about renters insurance policies.

Renters Insurance

Our preferred insurance provider is Reliable Insurance Solutions. Please visit the Reliable Insurance Solutions website to learn more about renters insurance policies.

Reliable Insurance Solutions is not just for your renters insurance needs, but also Auto, Home and Life. You might be amazed at how much money you can save and the quality of service you will receive!