Property Management

Your real estate investment is very important and taking care of that investment is our mission. We are managed by a Real Estate Broker, as required by Indiana State Law, but we only use that license to professionally manage residential real estate. We don’t list houses, represent buyers, or sell cars. This is an important distinction because managing properties well is far more important to us than simply making money.

We are also intentionally smaller than many other firms that tout having hundreds and hundreds of rental units.  We do this to stay in closer contact with our clients and be more responsive to their needs.  We prefer to be very good at a few things, rather than mediocre attempting to do many.

Finally, when working with June Palms, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that we are a full-service property management provider. This includes resident placement and property maintenance.

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Homeowners & Investors
Our full-service Property Management service can make owning an investment property painless and carefree. Please click here to be directed to the page specifically for Owners and Investors to see just how we will accomplish that.

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Resident Placement
Don’t make the mistake of not knowing the background of the people you are renting to! We have the infrastructure in place to take all the hassle and worry out of finding and screening residents for your property with our Resident Placement services.  In hard economic times like the recession we just experienced, it’s critical to know what to look for.

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Property Maintenance
You have the tenants in place and you don’t need full-service property management, but do you have the time and know-how to handle all the inevitable maintenance requests? Please check our section for Property Maintenance to see how we can meet your repair needs quickly and professionally while still keeping an eye on your budget. Just give us a call, including about appliances. We can fix it all!

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Common Mistakes Owners/Landlords Make

The laws are complex and numerous and seldomly favor the landlord. Did you know that one minor omission in the leasing process could put you at risk for millions of dollars in liability?

Do you:

  1. Have an Indianapolis or Lafayette area property you can’t sell because you owe too much on it?
  2. Handle all the prospecting, advertising, sales calls, showings, tenant screening, lease signings, complaints, maintenance, grounds-keeping, rule enforcement, and the occasional 2 a.m. call because the toilet is stopped up or a tenant is locked out?
  3. Possess the ability to run full credit checks and scan the national criminal database of prospective tenants?
  4. Have the knowledge, skills, abilities and TIME to perform the necessary maintenance on your investment property?

If any of these issues concern you, even if you already have a property manager in place, the mistakes that THEY make could still put you at risk. Feel free to call our office at 765-714-1716 or toll free at 877-524-7107 and press “0” for more information.