Ok, you buy a “For Rent” sign and put it in the yard of your rental home then run an expensive ad in the newspaper. Now what? You start getting phone calls from prospects at all hours of the day wanting more information about your rental home and the possibility of scheduling a showing when you have a free moment.

Why hassle with all the phone calls, interruptions at work, scheduling showings, and people who don’t show up?

June Palms offers a Resident Placement Service and for one low fee, we can take care of all the advertising, phone calls, yard signs, scheduling and conduct showings on your behalf.  

We then start the application process with the would-be resident and do a thorough background check including:

  • Credit check
  • Employment verification
  • Check of the public records
  • Scan of the National Criminal Database

Let Us Find Your Next Tenant! 

Afterwards, we negotiate the lease terms according to your specifications! Many individual homeowners (and even some property managers) don’t have the infrastructure to really know who they are renting to. Don’t make the mistake of not knowing who is going to occupy your investment home. Also, by having a professional manage your vacancy, you’re nearly eliminating the risk for violations of the Fair Housing Law — violations that can be expensive to defend even if you meant no harm or mal-intent.

In this tough labor market, it’s more important than ever to have the ability to REALLY know who you are renting to. Let us help you avoid getting the wrong tenants in your home. Evictions are costly and time consuming, and judgments can be difficult to collect on. Finding the right resident costs a lot less than having the wrong one.